The Venn Effect:An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success Through Purpose, Second Edition

First, do what you love. Then do what you know.

These words drove Bill through business and will form the basis of the Ven Effect, a compelling book about entrepreneurship.

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About the Book

Bill Rader started his journey at a very young age, building his first standard rite of passage business, and grew it to the largest eleven-year-old owned and operated a business in the community while obtaining his first education in business. These early trials propelled him to his first licensed business at age 16.

Referred to as his first real business, as it had paid employees, licenses, insurance, and government run-ins Bill grew this company and sold it while in his senior year of high school. He also learned his first and most valuable lesson in business:

Do what you love!

The Venn Effect holds the promise to be a game changer in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can be born or made, as long as they learn, understand and employ these lessons learned from a life-long entrepreneur.

The Venn Effect premise is simple: first, do what you love then do what you know. Lacking either, failure is guaranteed. These are just two of the business lessons that Bill discusses in his popular keynote entitled the Venn Effect. Now, he is taking the keynote to book form, diving deeper into his world as an entrepreneur with not only lessons but tips on how to get ahead, be noticed and succeed – even if faced with a life-changing disease.

The Venn Effect is a fast-paced, easy read. You will want to turn the page to see what’s next. Just like with his speeches, Bill grabs his audience and is able to move them along through real-life experiences that can be both funny and thought-provoking.

Entrepreneurs will ask: why can t I do this? – and be able to employ at least one of the tips found in this book to further their enterprise.

Business Students will learn the right and wrong way to create and move a company forward.

The general public will say: I can do this, even with a disability or challenge.

The Venn Effect can be experienced by anyone who has a desire to succeed.

Let the Venn be part of your life!

The Venn Effect:An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success Through Purpose, Second Edition
Genres: Business, Entrepreneurship, Learning & Self-Help
Tags: FrontL, New Releases, Published
ISBN: 9781733041621
List Price: 29.95
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About the Author
Bill Rader

Bill Rader is a life-long entrepreneur who sold his first company when he was eighteen. To date, he has launched five ventures and has orchestrated multiple merger and acquisition (M&A) deals. He regularly contributes to Forbes Media and has provided stories and advice to business leaders around the globe in his Inc. column “Leadership and Viewpoints.” Since 1992, he has had millions of people read his stories with positive reviews. As a speaker, Bill calls upon his more than forty years of hands-on experience to relate insightful and often humorous tales of startup life and business observations from a serial entrepreneur’s perspective.

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