New line of positivity coloring books targeted at kids

Positively Delighted on Amazon

Positively Delighted on Amazon

Bestselling Author Kelsey Henry

Bestselling Author Kelsey Henry

With all the turmoil of 2020, kids need activities to help them focus on creating a positive mindset and a life full of delight, laughter, and fun.

Prepare yourself for major fun with our affirmation products. From journals to coloring books and more, we’ve got your self-care needs covered!”

— Positively Delighted

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 29, 2020 / — According to, “The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on kids and teens everywhere — especially those who were already dealing with mental health challenges.” That’s why it’s more important than ever to have tools and resources for kids to foster happiness and focus on the good in life and in themselves.

Bestselling author of Growing Up Roadschooled, Kelsey Henry, has a new line of fun coloring books and journals aimed at kids, teens, and anyone young-at-heart.

Her brand Positively Delighted is all about creating a positive mindset and a life full of delight, laughter, and fun! They don’t shy away from negative thoughts, however, they encourage kids to use them to become stronger and more optimistic through the power of positivity.

Self-care is important for kids and adults alike. And this growing line of journals and notebooks has come along just in time.

View them on Amazon here.


Kelsey Henry is a singer/songwriter, positivity coach, coloring page creator, digital nomad, and host of The Positively Delighted Show podcast. Her passion for positivity and self-esteem began during her unique childhood growing up roadschooled in an RV from ages 11-17.

She is a certified Canfield Success Trainer, Happy For No Reason Trainer, and Laughter Yoga Leader. She uses these programs to help others create a positive mindset and a life of delight, laughter, and fun! You can find her traveling the country and running her business on the road from her converted glamper CR-V.

She loves smiling and is always trying to make her inner roadschooled kid proud.


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Woman Who Was Told by Doctors “Nutrition Doesn’t Matter” Wrote a Book to Prove Them Wrong

Hitting #1 Bestselling Book in Holistic Medicine on Amazon

Hitting #1 Bestselling Book in Holistic Medicine on Amazon

The Food Heals Podcast logo

The Food Heals Podcast

Allison Melody -- Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Filmmaker

Allison Melody — Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Filmmaker

Food Heals will change everything you think you know about health.”

— Kerry Kasem, TV Personality

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2020 / — Witnessing both her mother and father – in short succession – lose their lives to cancer, Allison Melody endured significant trauma in her 20’s.

Why did their bodies fail them? Why did the doctors have no answers?

After being told by the oncologist who treated both her mother and father that “nutrition doesn’t matter,” she went on a mission to find the truth.

She vowed to honor her parents’ memory by dedicating her life to finding a way to heal the body naturally. What she discovered was that people across the globe with various types of chronic, debilitating, and so-called “terminal diseases” were reversing their conditions holistically.

After interviewing over 300 people for her film, Powered By Plants, and her podcast, Food Heals, Allison learned that by detoxing our bodies and our lives, by adding in healing nutritional food, supplements, and alternative medicine practices (sprinkled with a little self-love), the body could go back to homeostasis – perfect balance. She now firmly believes that the body has the ability to heal itself – when given the tools it needs to do so.

And that’s when the book was born. Food Heals: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Stories to Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Health is an anthology featuring stories from survivors including John Salley, Sophie Uliano, Hal Elrod, Leslie Durso, Sahara Rose, Jason Wrobel, Whitney Lauritsen, Joe Cross, Chris Wark, and more, who took a holistic approach to healing themselves mind, body, and spirit.

Each chapter is a story of healing that inspires readers to stop outsourcing their health and instead to take their health into their own hands.

In Chapter 3, you’ll learn how Dr. Stephen Cabral healed from a multitude of diseases and auto-immune conditions using Functional Medicine.

In Chapter 26, find out how Evita Ramparte reversed ovarian cancer with juicing, a plant-based diet, and emotional healing.

In Chapter 31, read about how Amie Valpone went from being given 24 hours to live to completely transforming her life and becoming the #1 Bestselling Author of Eating Clean.

Elissa Goodman, author of Cancer Hacks says, “If you are looking to thrive in your life, not simply survive, you will find Food Heals to be a great source of inspiration!”

New York Times Bestselling Author Kathy Freston says Food Heals is “an excellent guide to healing your body, mind, and soul.”

TV Personality Kerri Kasem says, “Food Heals will change everything you think you know about health.”

About Allison:

Allison Melody is an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness, and food. As a Podcast Host, Film Producer, Author & International Speaker, Allison’s mission is to inspire people to the body’s incredible ability to heal itself when given the tools it needs to do so.

Allison is the Host of The Food Heals Podcast. Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” Food Heals brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health, and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU!

As a filmmaker for the past fifteen years, Allison has directed and produced documentary films, PSA’s, commercials, and music videos on the topics of social justice, human rights, and public health. In 2019, her documentary Powered By Plants debuted at The French Riviera Fest in Cannes, France.

As a sought-after international speaker, Allison has presented at events and conferences including The Cannes Film Festival, Vaynermedia, Podcast Movement, NAB Show, Growth Now Movement Live, The New Media Summit, High Vibe Live, The Sundance Film Festival, We Are Podcast Australia, Podfest Expo, She Podcasts, Release What Weighs You Down, The Podcast Cruise, Transformed Live, and more.

Additionally, Allison consults with small businesses and brands to help successful wellness entrepreneurs build wellness empires and create more impact, influence, and income in their business.

You can get her brand new book, Food Heals: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Stories to Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Health on Amazon.

Learn more at and connect with Allison at

Allison Melody
Melody Productions
+1 949-791-7211
email us here

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