Niche Perfume E-Tailer Beautinow Launches Rewards Programme

European niche perfume E-tailer Beautinow has launched a loyalty programme to reward perfume shopaholics.
Most E-tailers focus on conversion, but what’s really important for us is customer happiness. A happy customer is a returning customer.”&mda…

MvVO ART Exhibition to Feature Vermeer-Inspired ‘Girls with Pearls’ By Dutch Photographer Caroline Sikkenk

Caroline Sikkenk “Girls with Pearls” Exhibition
Caroline Sikkenk, Woman with a Pearl Necklace, 2019
Caroline Sikkenk, Woman with a Scale, 2021

Feature presentation to be displayed May 15-21, 2022 as part of the AD ART SHOW 2022 at Westfi…

“Khayyami Theology”: Book 5 of the 12-Book Series “Omar Khayyam’s Secret” Published

Omar Khayyam Statue, Laleh Park, Tehran, Iran

New Book offers the Arabic texts and updated Persian & new English translations & analyses of all of Khayyam's philosophical writings before his last treatise.
The key for entering Khayyam’…

Navigating & Trusting Vegan Supplements

So long as the supplements industry remains largely unregulated, it is critical for the consumer to look for official and credible third-party certifications.

NSF has a Vegan certification offering that confirms Vegan label integrity status at the factory level and can be coupled with and bundled with other NSF supplement and sport certifications.”

— BeVeg International

FLORIDA, MIAMI, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 / — In 2021 the dietary supplement industry had a net worth of a whooping USD 151.9 billion, built by thousands of different brands, many of them labeled plant based, organic, Vegan, NSF Sport, kosher, and more. But with an industry so big, to what extent can you actually trust the brands? This is the value of third-party audits and certifications.

Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA as food, despite the fact many supplements present with strong biological effects. This is also important for Vegan label claimed vitamins, because the FDA does not regulate the word Vegan, which means inconsistent use of the word is unreliable for the consumer. BeVeg Vegan certification has a global Vegan standard and is partnered with third-party technical administrators leading the supplements world, like NSF.

What does NSF Certification mean? NSF certification is the gold standard for supplement certification for safety, purity, and accurate dosing. Now, NSF has a Vegan certification offering that confirms Vegan label integrity status at the factory level and can be coupled with and bundled with other NSF supplement and sport certifications. So long as the supplements industry remains largely unregulated, it is critical for the super consumer interested in ingredients and processes, and for consumer health and safety to look for and demand these third-party audits on their consumable products.

BeVeg is an ISO accredited Vegan certification standard, and as such, sets high standards to protect the consumer. Plant based vitamins are as the name suggests, usually is derived from plants. Notably, when plants are growing, heavy metals like copper and zinc in the earth are absorbed, which in itself is a natural process. However, some can be dangerous when consumed in larger amounts. The problem with supplements is that there can sometimes be contamination of plants with high concentrations of these heavy metals, causing toxicity in the body – and there’s very little industry regulation. It is up to the manufacturer how they want to test for contaminants and active components, some being more thorough than others. In fact, only in California, are products required by law to even include warning labels about such potential contaminants.

This is the added value of NSF certification bundled with the official and globally recognized BeVeg Vegan trademark. Super consumers care about their health, environment, and ingredient and process certifications. As the supplement industry grows at an astronomical rate, the consumer can rest assured and rely on brands that do third-party testing, as approved by NSF and BEVEG for accurate label claims that go above and beyond existing regulations for a sector that is mostly unregulated.

To learn more about BeVeg and NSF supplement certification, check out

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BeautiNow Launches Perfume History & Origin Blog

Origin & History of Perfume Beautinow

Online perfume retailer, Beautinow, launches perfume history blog to educate consumers about the past.

Perfume bottles don’t only contain perfume, they also contain thousands of years of history.”

— H. Dai

THE NETHERLANDS, May 9, 2022 / — European niche perfume specialist, Beautinow, has launched a blog about the history of perfume & fragrances. The blog will cover topics from contributions of ancient civilisations to developments during the modern age. Founder Hengfu Dai says: “While perfumes have become very mainstream in our society, not many people know about the origin of perfumes. Perfume bottles don’t only contain perfume, they also contain thousands of years of fascinating history.”

The newly launched blog is fully free & available through this page: Origin & History of Perfume

Beautinow already launched many interesting posts including the following:
History of Perfumes & Fragrances: A Timeline
Ancient Egypt: Origin of Perfumes

Many more publications will follow, and the company recommends to subscribe to the newsletter if readers want to stay up to date with future releases.

The European perfume retailer also emphasises that the published articles will be freely available. “We’ve invested greatly in a high quality, educational content library, but our publications will remain free, forever. It will never disappear behind a paywall,” says Dai. Beautinow emphasises the main goal of the blog is to educate perfume enthusiasts about history and culture.

Beautinow has also more blogs in the planning. “In the future we will also launch a blog with a collections of perfume shopping guides to either help you find your own signature scent or pick the perfect gift for a special occasion. We look forward to notify the perfume community in the near future,” says Dai.

H. Dai
Beautinow B.V
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CUBIQ FOODS starts a new financing round to support scaling-up and globalization efforts



CUBIQ FOODS product benefits Go!Drop - benefits chart with USPs

5 features of Go!Drop healthier fat replacer @CubiqF

colour logo - CUBIQ FOODS' Go!Dop

CUBIQ FOODS’ Go!Drop, healthier fat replacer

Cargill bridge round is 5.75 million Euros (USD 6 M, GBP 4.8M), sourcing key ingredients as a strategic partner to CUBIQ FOODS, a leader in alternative fats

CUBIQ FOODS help food producers to succeed! Our improvements to nutrition and juiciness with healthier fats reduce dependance on scarce ingredients and meet sustainability goals in the food chain.”

— Andrés Montefeltro, CEO and co-founder, CUBIQ FOODS

MADRID, SPAIN, May 9, 2022 / — CUBIQ FOODS, the Spanish alternative-fat solutions innovator for food, has raised a total of 5.75 million Euros (USD 6 M, GBP 4.8M) from four investors: Cargill, Moira Capital Partners, SGEIC and Newtree Impact.

This round of investment allows CUBIQ FOODS to expand commercial and production operations in North America and Europe, as well as to launch new products into a growing customer base. Cargill’s investment is the first step in a strategic partnership that includes a product development plan and a commercial agreement to market and sell CUBIQ FOODS’ products.

CUBIQ FOODS was founded in late 2018 and is a pioneer in alternative-fats solutions for food applications with a growing customer base. By 2020, it raised 10 million Euros in a Series A led by Moira Capital Partners and Blue Horizon Ventures, grew its team to 50 people, developed 3 product lines and started the commercialization of an innovative fat replacer, with customers in Spain, the UK, Ireland and the U.S.

The founders, Dr Raquel Revilla (CTO) and Andrés Montefeltro, believe that there is a big opportunity to transform the food chain into a healthier, tastier, sustainable and affordable one for all. The incorporation of sustainable ingredients like CUBIQ FOODS’ alternative-fats solutions can become key in this transformation.

In mid-2021, CUBIQ FOODS successfully launched plant-based, sustainable Go!Drop®. Go!Drop® is a fat replacer that offers improved juiciness, full flavor profile, fewer calories, less saturated fats and only 20% oil. It reduces oil use and environmental impact compared to standard product solutions. Go!Drop® is a viable alternative to animal fats in processed meat products, dairy derivatives, sauces, bakery, confectionery and saturated vegetable fats (such as coconut oil) in vegan food products.

In late 2022, CUBIQ FOODS will launch Go!Mega3®, a new generation of microencapsulated omega-3 for ‘functional foods’ with high omega-3 content. Multilayer microencapsulation protects the highly concentrated essential oils, maintaining their properties without any of the fish flavors. This can help food manufacturers to deliver recommended daily intake of omega-3 into new, affordable products to support optimal health, particularly the cardiovascular and the central nervous system. 

By early 2023, CUBIQ FOODS will launch its first cultivated fat-based ingredient for food applications in the U.S. market. The cultivated fat ingredient helps to more closely replicate the taste and texture of traditional meat in plant-based food alternatives.

“Consumer interest in plant-based protein continues to be a strong trend, expanding the innovation opportunity for food manufacturers looking to address this demand,” said Vivek Cherian, Meat and Dairy Alternatives Category Leader for Edible Oils at Cargill.  “Our strategic partnership with CUBIQ FOODS will help us better serve our customers by accelerating the development of plant-based alternatives that offer the taste, texture and flavor, as well as the nutritional profile and sustainability story, that they and their consumers desire.”

– ENDS –

Dr. Raquel Revilla and Andrés Montefeltro started the Granollers (Barcelona, Spain)-based company in 2018. CUBIQ FOODS uses cell culture, microencapsulation of omega-3 oils and new oil/water emulsion formulas to respond to the growing demand for healthy ingredients in the food sector. The company has developed a technology platform to produce cultivated fats and omega-3-rich cell-based oils and has new patented methods for preparing structured oil/water emulsions to replace plant and animal fats in food production. It is the first company focused on these types of food applications on an industrial scale. CUBIQ FOODS aims to lead the quest to incorporate the “omega-3 daily dose” for a variety of functional food products. (Functional foods offer additional or enhanced benefits above their basic nutritional value.) The company is ready to replace animal fats in processed meat, and coconut oil in plant-based products globally. It is partnering with large food and ingredients producers to make this vision a reality.

About Cargill – – News Center
Cargill’s 155,000 employees across 70 countries work relentlessly to achieve our purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Every day, we connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they need to thrive. We combine 156 years of experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for food, agriculture, financial and industrial customers in more than 125 countries. Side-by-side, we are building a stronger, sustainable future for agriculture. 

About Moira Capital Partners –
Moira Capital, based in Madrid, started its activity in early 2017 as a GP specialized in direct high-return investments for private investors and institutions. The private equity GP leads investments of between €5 and €50 million in equity per deal, under a differential approach with respect to traditional private equity, which allows it to access unique and exclusive investment opportunities, financing each operation deal by deal with a club of families and institutions. In just over five years, it has committed close to €200 million to boost the high-growth business plans of 13 innovative Spanish companies.

About Newtree Impact –
Newtree Impact, based in Brussels, is an industrial holding company listed on Euronext (NEWT) that aims to provide access to impact investing for all while supporting disruptive companies in the food chain. It was born in 2021 on the roots of the Newtree brand, whose chocolate and coffee are now a 100% subsidiary. Newtree Impact invests between €300,000 and €2.5 million in companies specializing in alternatives to animal proteins (such as plant proteins and fermentation), decarbonization, and any other disruptive innovation in the food chain that can help meet the challenges of the climate crisis. In 2021, Newtree Impact invested in five companies ranging from alternative proteins (plant and cell-based in the United States and Switzerland) and the world’s largest industrial insect factory (Protix in the Netherlands) to technological disruption of aquaculture chains and systems (Aqua-Spark in the Netherlands) and bacteriophages, which improve gut microbiome, sustainable protein production and counter the rise of Antimicrobial Resistance (Proteon Pharmaceuticals in Poland).

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