Historical Wardrobe Brings The Past to Life For Two New Fox News Series

“Legends & Lies: The Patriots”

Butch Cassidy Gang Recreation

African-American History

Providing costume rentals, design, research, and fabrication for Feature Films, Documentaries, Television, and Museum projects.

We fabricate our costumes with perfect authenticity to provide perfection for the camera, while meeting all budgetary needs.”

— Kevin R Hershberger

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Historical Wardrobe of Richmond, Virginia exclusively provided costumes for hundreds of characters across two centuries to help bring the stories of America’s past to life for two new historical TV Series’ currently airing on Fox Business and the streaming service Fox Nation.

A veteran-owned business, the company provides costume rentals, design, research, and fabrication for Feature Films, Documentaries, Television, and Museum Film projects.

Currently airing each Thursday night with two back-to-back episodes starting at 8:00 pm eastern – the Fox Business Series “Legends & Lies” features dramatic recreations about historic events, including the founding of America, the Wild West, and the Civil War. Historical Wardrobe designed costumes for and dressed hundreds of actors and extras for all thirty-four episodes.

Also featuring costumes from Historical Wardrobe is the new Fox Nation Series “Kelsey Grammer’s Historic Battles for America,” which look at “eight key battles that left an indelible mark on this nation,” including the Revolutionary War, the Texas Revolution, the Civil War and the American Indian Wars. The eight-part series can now be streamed on the subscription platform.

Historical Wardrobe’s broad and ever-growing rental inventory is always expanding and exploring new historical periods with authentic textiles and original patterns. Costume styles, patterns, and colors are all based on original garments, contemporary artwork, and primary resources.

For ‘Legends & Lies,” the majority of the clothing was made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool or silk. The costume team even fabricated exclusive garments for the principal characters from original clothing and patterns to provide the most historically accurate touches possible — such as hand sewn button holes, and hand top-stitching for camera close-ups.

Historical Wardrobe is a subsidiary of LionHeart FilmWorks and is managed by historian and Emmy-Nominated filmmaker Kevin R. Hershberger

“We have fabricated our costumes with perfect authenticity and by using our honest experience to provide perfection for the camera, while at the same time meeting all budgetary needs,” claims Hershberger. ”We know production — not just facts and fabrics.”

About Kevin R. Hershberger
Emmy-nominated director, screenwriter and producer, Kevin R. Hershberger’s productions have been awarded more than 70 national and international film festival and industry awards. Hershberger is himself a historian and veteran, having served as a Military Intelligence Officer in the United States Army.

Kevin Hershberger
Historical Wardrobe
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Dreama Denver’s New Book “ZEN AND NOW” Out Today, May 17th

Dreama Denver, ZEN AND NOW

Author Dreama Denver

A Celebration of the Power Of A Pet’s Love and Importance of Animal Adoption

ROANOKE, VA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pet adoption advocate and wife of the late Bob “Gilligan” Denver brings the magic of dogs to the page in her visually rich and delightful tale of the power of an animal’s love, in her latest children’s book, ZEN AND NOW (Illustrated by Jan Philpot), available beginning TODAY (May 17th), published by Headline Books.

Showcasing the doggie adventures of Zen, a beautiful Husky-mix, who is rescued just in time and adopted, will delight and entertain all ages.

Says Mrs.Denver, “When adopting a dog, look into its eyes to see its soul and what you’ll find is a creature staring back at you, looking straight into your heart.”

A multi-award-winning author of acclaimed memoir GILLIGAN’S DREAMS and her much-cherished book for little ones, FOUR BEARS IN A BOX, Dreama will be supporting the book at a myriad of signings and events including the upcoming Happy Trails Virginia Style Nostalgia/Family Convention, held May 20th & 21st at the CommUNITY Church, 1923 E. Main St. in Salem, VA.

To learn more about Dreama Denver, her books, and philanthropic efforts, visit: https://bobdenver.com/.

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UMT Joins Fraternal Order of Police University Consortium

UMT Graduation Celebration
UMT Graduates

Making Higher Education Accessible to Police Workforce
We’re delighted to be part of the NFOPU consortium to make our education programs accessible to the law enforcement community.”— Dr. J. D…

Embattled Montpelier Votes at Last to Share Governance with Descendants

First Step in Repairing Leadership, Reputation, Finances
ORANGE, VIRGINIA, USA, May 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This morning The Montpelier Foundation board of directors voted to welcome eleven new members drawn from a list of twenty esteemed nomine…

Virginia Businesses Announce 28% GHG Emissions Reduction One Year after Launch

Former VA Governor Northam helped launch the Green Business Alliance last May.

The Center at Belvedere in Charlottesville, VA Rooftop Solar Installation

16 GBA Member Logo Compilation

16 Virginia-Based businesses announce 28% GHG emissions reduction one year after launching the first-of-its-kind alliance in the Commonwealth.

Small businesses are the backbone of Virginia’s economy and have a significant role to play in helping the Commonwealth reach its emissions goals.”

— Susan Kruse, Executive Director C3

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Just one year after forming the first of its kind Green Business Alliance, sixteen Central Virginia-based businesses have achieved a 28% collective reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Last spring Governor Ralph Northam joined the launch of this Alliance, an initiative of the nonprofit Community Climate Collaborative (C3). The cohort of businesses, ranging from a regional hospital to a car dealership to a biotech company, banded together with a common goal: to embrace corporate sustainability by taking bold action to reduce their collective carbon footprint.

On May 5, 2021, Green Business Alliance representatives pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2025, in half the time as the emissions target set by both government entities in which they reside (City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle).

Green Business Alliance members have accomplished the following (and more):

● Comparing 2021 emissions to the baseline year, which varies by member, the GBA offset a total of 4,800 metric tons of CO2-equivalent (MTCO2e). This is equal to removing over 1,000 cars from the road in a single year.
● Eight members have relocated to new buildings, all with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. This includes two LEED-certified buildings and Apex Clean Energy headquarters, the largest mass timber structure on the east coast.
● Eight members have installed over 1,600 solar panels collectively on their properties, offsetting over 550 MTCO2e.

“Small businesses, the backbone of Virginia’s economy, have a significant role to play in helping the Commonwealth reach its goals,” said C3 Executive Director Susan Kruse. “The Green Business Alliance offers solutions, collaboration, and climate leadership opportunities to these companies which are the foundation of our economy here in the Commonwealth.”

“Working with these private sector leaders has been such a breath of fresh air and thus far the thrill of my career,” said Coles Jennings, C3’s Director of Corporate Sustainability. “Without exception, these businesses have leaned into sustainable solutions at a level I haven’t seen in my career. They get it. I look forward to their continued success in the coming years.”

In 2022, GBA members will remain hard at work. Primary goals for this year include creating Climate Action Plans, exploring fleet vehicle transformation, and completing energy audits to help plan for facility upgrades.

Quotes from our GBA members:

Catherine Hughes, Vice President, Operations, Sentara RMH Medical Center and former Executive Director of Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital: “Sentara Martha Jefferson’s mission is We Improve Health Everyday and that extends to the health of our planet. When SMJH designed and built our replacement hospital in 2011 environmental sustainability was one of our guiding principles. After a decade of seeing the benefits of our environmentally sustainable design in action, we were ready to take the next step. We were so grateful to be able to partner with C3 and the GBA to collaborate with like-minded business owners in Charlottesville. The expertise of C3 has been an invaluable resource as we research and contemplate other initiatives we can implement- one specific example is their assistance with investigating the possibility of utilizing solar.”

Martin Chapman, CEO, InBio: “Under the guidance, direction, and support of C3, the GBA strives to reduce the carbon emissions of member companies using realistic metrics that can be emulated by other businesses and which enhance our community. Coles from C3 provided an energy audit which helped us really understand our opportunities. This led to us implementing HVAC upgrades that reduced our gas consumption by over 40%.”

Peter Thompson, Executive Director, the Center: “Environmental wellness, one of the pillars of our multidimensional programming, encompasses both spending time in the natural world and wise stewardship of its resources. Being involved in socially responsible activities to protect the environment is one way to positively impact community health. The Center is proud to be an inaugural member of the Green Business Alliance, which has been invaluable in helping us meet this vital aspect of healthy aging.”

GBA Members include: Apex Clean Energy, Carter Myers Automotive’s Colonial Nissan, Carter Myers Automotive’s Volvo Cars of Charlottesville, CFA Institute, Hantzmon Wiebel, Harvest Moon Catering, InBio, Legal Aid Justice Center, Quantitative Investment Management, Red Light Management, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, Sigora Solar, Sun Tribe Solar, The Center at Belvedere, Tiger Fuel, and WillowTree.

Teri Strother Kent
Community Climate Collaborative
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Poet and Vietnam War veteran Michael Closz receives award from Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation has honored poet Michael Closz for his service in the Vietnam War and his poetry collection.

TRIANGLE, VIRGINIA, USA, May 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation has honored poet Michael Closz for his service in the Vietnam War and the compelling narrative portrayed in his poetry collection The Haunted Garden.

The Foundation recognized Closz with the Robert A. Gannon Award for poetry during its 40th Annual Awards Dinner on April 30 at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Virginia outside of the Marine Corps Base Quantico.

“The Foundation’s Annual Awards are a mark of distinction for professionals and talented artists who dedicate themselves to exploring the rich history, traditions, and culture of the Marine Corps, with accuracy and authenticity,” according to Maj. General James W. Lukeman, USMC (Ret.), president and CEO of the Foundation. Among the award winners was the former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who received the Lejeune Recognition for Exemplary Leadership Award. The Commandant of the Marine Corps was among a number of notable guests in attendance.

Closz was nominated by a fellow Marine Corps officer and selected following a rigorous four months of deliberation from the judge panel for the award.

Closz’ The Haunted Garden speaks to his time serving in war-era Vietnam, depicting the country as a metaphorical garden and a haunted paradise. The poet’s descriptive language and thoughtful imagery display and explore his complex relationship with this garden and its inhabitants. Throughout the collection, Closz offers an honest and impactful perspective of the nature of the war in Vietnam, and the experiences of the veterans who returned to the United States postwar. His words connect, challenge, and reflect upon his memories of his service, and upon the realities and aftermath of life, and his sense of self, after his return.

“I feel excited and humbled to receive this award for my work. I feel invigorated writing poetry—I feel like I’ve accomplished something, like I’m constructing something,” said Closz. “It was very difficult integrating back into society when I returned home from Vietnam. Sometimes I feel like I still haven’t landed on my feet. Poetry has been a meaningful outlet for me to channel those feelings and I hope that my work helps readers to feel enlightened and gives insight for those that may have questions regarding that time in history, while reflecting upon their own perspective of war.”

His gripping work transports readers into the jungles of Vietnam, reverberating with Closz’ thoughts and fears. “He knows my every move / Regardless of the masking rain / Or its intensity. The downpour blurs my vision / But I can still see his eyes in the jungle, smiling. I look again and he’s gone; Perhaps another apparition, another Waking dream. Silence now, the rain has stopped / And the jungle is steaming,” he writes in his poem “Last Watch” in the collection.

Closz holds an MBA in finance, and an undergraduate degree in physical sciences and literature. He has held executive positions with AT&T, Sprint, Fortress Technologies, Closz Management Company, and Global Information Security in Moscow. In the Vietnam War, Closz was an infantry platoon commander with the First Marine Division, located adjacent to the seaside city of Danang. After spending three months in the naval hospital in Guam, he returned to Vietnam to serve in a staff function in Division Headquarters.

The Haunted Garden is available now through Amazon.
ISBN 9798598380802

For information, contact:

Michael Closz
+1 913-220-8922

Hygieacare Inc. and LOK Corporation announce a strategic partnership to expand the use of Hygieacare® systems globally

odorless and acoustically protected HyGIeaCare experience
hygieacare logo

The strategic partnership accelerates the international outreach of the FDA-cleared Hygieacare® System to effectively cleanse the bowel for medical purposes.
We are excited to p…


Bethany White of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Bethany White

Award Winning Firm Adds To Brand Agent Roster Of Business All Stars

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kevin Makes Sense Media has announced the signing of top producer Bethany White, of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, to become the newest brand agent client of the award-winning agency. They will create, produce, and distribute new brand content for White not only locally, but nationally as well via the newly formed KMS Media Network. White is the #1 REALTOR® Team for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Virginia and the #5 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices team in the nation.

“As a boutique firm we are very selective on who we partner with and represent, and the chance to work with Bethany and her talented group of real estate professionals was an exciting opportunity we couldn’t pass up. She and her story bring an unbelievable energy to anyone she encounters, and we are excited to share both in upcoming video content.” said CEO Kevin Neff.

“I’ve been in search of a partner to assist with branding and videography for a while, but I just couldn’t feel a connection. With Kevin, it was immediate. His ideas are fresh and creative, plus his energy and style are a perfect complement to mine.” says White. “Working with Kevin is a refreshing change of pace.” said Kim Montalvo, operations manager for The Bethany White Group. “Although he is a creator, he also manages his business as a top-notch professional. Generally, you have one or the other, but Kevin offers a unique blend of both.”

Video production is slated to start in May 2022 with several projects scheduled and will also include an appearance on “Speaking of Success” ™, which can be viewed via streaming on Roku, Android/Google TV, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, and online via C-Suite TV.

About Bethany White – Bethany is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Hampton Roads Realtor Association, and the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. She is a certified VHDA First Time Home Buyer Specialist, Military Relocation Specialist, Berkshire Hathaway Relocation Specialist, Short Sale, and Foreclosure Professional. Learn more at: www.thebethanywhitegroup.com

Kevin Makes Sense Media is an award-winning video production and creative branding firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They are the agency of choice for those select businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to stand out from the competition while growing their exposure, influence and following. They provide custom multi-media solutions for local, regional, and national clients. Learn more at www.kevinmakessense.com

Kevin Neff
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Expanding Briggs Home Care engages StackCare passive monitoring technology

Sybll Romley, Briggs Home Care

Sybll Romley – Corporate Executive Director, Briggs Home Care

Briggs Home Care

Briggs Home Care



StackCare passive monitoring technology to enhance Briggs Home Care and provide peace of mind with ongoing caregiver labor shortage

As the ratio of older to younger Americans becomes greater, successful Home Care providers must embrace technology. With StackCare we help our clients stay safe at home, even when we are not there.”

— Sybll Romley – Exec Dir. Briggs Home Care

HAYMARKET, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The number of Americans age 65 and up is growing at a faster rate than the total U.S. population and the need for quality home care services will continue to grow along with them. With over 75 years as a proactive healthcare industry leader, Briggs Healthcare understands the importance of preparation when meeting client needs within an ever-changing health landscape and has been been meeting those needs through its Briggs Home Care subsidiary via multiple corporate-owned home care agencies across the United States.

As Briggs expands its home care organization rolling out franchise opportunities in major urban areas they recognized that the current caregiver shortage is actually here to stay and that technology needs to play a role. Enter StackCare.

StackCare uses discreet, non-invasive motion sensors checking for activity over 80,000 times per day in a typical home. Looking at individual behavior and activity patterns the StackCare app sends a notification directly to chosen recipients that easily identifies what has changed and if action is needed. StackCare which looks for potential falls, changes in activity levels, odd sleep patterns, unusual amounts of time spent in the bathroom, unsafe temperatures, and skipping meals, also includes help buttons which may be pressed at anytime to alert family members or a caregiver.

Briggs Home Care agencies are able to use the StackCare web-based portal for monitoring and analytics across multiple clients simultaneously while family members receive notifications only for their individual loved ones. Supporting Briggs Home Care high satisfaction ratings, StackCare’s passive monitoring utilizes small infra-red motion detectors without using cameras or microphones and requires nothing of the senior adult except to live their life as usual.

About StackCare
StackCare is a remote passive monitoring system which uses sophisticated AI and data science to analyze multiple motion sensors and contact sensors simultaneously to highlight unusual behavior or activity patterns in older adults that may indicate developing health issues or a fall, sending out notifications in real time to caregivers via both mobile app and web portal. StackCare partners nationwide with recognized home care providers and with numerous senior living communities.

About Briggs Home Care
Backed by more than 75 years of healthcare industry experience, Briggs Home Care, a division of Briggs Healthcare, is a family of premier in-home care companies. Every locally-operated agency customizes care for each person to enhance quality of life, independence, comfort, and safety. Learn more about the Briggs Home Care difference and our commitment to providing unparalleled care at home at www.briggshomecare.com

About Briggs
Briggs has been a trusted partner and leading provider of compliance tools and expertise to the post-acute market for more than 70 years. Briggs serves more than 50,000 customers with professional documentation systems and forms, and compliance services. Visit Briggs online at www.briggscorp.com for more information.

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