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When your inspired, you become inspiring.”

— Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, May 15, 2022 / — The Pineapple Theory started an ambitious and realistically optimistic project consisting of Mr. Pineapple traveling the World with his pineapple with the purpose to connect in-person with people and made them smile!

“It’s all about people with Mr. Pineapple” Readers of The Pineapple Theory

April 2022, London, UK was stop #1. Why London?

London’s Book Fair was held from April 5 to April 7, and it was a first Book Fair for The Pineapple Theory books. Mr. Pineapple had a much bigger motivation to make London stop #1.

“In the UK, the Pineapple has always been associated with prestige and luxury due to its exotic appearance.” The Pineapple Theory – Discover them all-in-one

In the mid 17th century, pineapples were cultivated in a few hothouses in England and the Netherlands, in conditions that mimicked the warm temperature and humidity levels needed to produce the fruit. Because they were in high demand and low in supply, only the extremely wealthy could afford pineapples. Before selling them for consumption, pineapple merchants rented pineapples to people who couldn’t afford to purchase them. Those who rented would take the pineapple to parties, not to give as a gift to the host, but to carry around and show off their apparent ability to afford such an expensive fruit! It cost approximately between $5,000 and $10,000 to rent!

Walking London with a pineapple fruit is what Mr. Pineapple did! It triggered several conversations and people were shared the pineapple story from London’s 17th century. The complete story is available on The Pineapple Theory’s website.

Everyday is an inspiration for Mr. Pineapple and London triggered several inspirations. From take off from the Montreal airport (YUL) to Stonehenge – Windsor Castle – Roman Baths – and more, thousands of words where written and shared in The Pineapple Theory blog.

Where next Mr. Pineapple?

From June 24 to July 1st, Athens, Greece, will be Mr. Pineapple’s next stop and several authentic plans are on deck. If you reside or planning to be in Athens and see someone happy carrying a pineapple fruit, it is likely Mr. Pineapple. Don’t be shy and come say Hi!

“Earth is more beautiful than we think. Imagine how splendid it would be if we were all interacting positively on it!” Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

Feed positively your roots – Master the Art – Be inspired, be inspiring with The Pineapple Theory

The Pineapple Theory books are available worldwide on Amazon.

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JetTransactions Becomes Accredited Member of IADA

Boeing BBJ Max 8 Listed by JetTransactions.

Boeing BBJ Max 8 Listed by JetTransactions.

The most frequent users of business jets make fewer aircraft transactions in their lives than JetTransactions oversees in a single year.”

— JetTransactions co-founder Brent Dahlfors

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF., U.S., May 10, 2022 / — JetTransactions, an aircraft marketing firm with global reach through its offices in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago and West Palm Beach, has become an accredited member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA). The company, founded by Brent Dahlfors and Mark Bloomer, handles business jet acquisitions, marketing and consulting with experience offering with a broad range of aircraft services.

“The IADA Board of Directors welcomes JetTransactions into the world’s largest dealer organization and the only group of accredited dealers and certified brokers,” said IADA Executive Director Wayne Starling. “JetTransactions has an excellent reputation for ethical and transparent business jet deals and the membership looks forward to continuing to work with Brent Dahlfors, Mark Bloomer and their associates.”

“The most frequent users of business jets make fewer aircraft transactions in their lives than JetTransactions oversees in a single year,” said co-founder Brent Dahlfors. “Our global team of aviation experts leads by example, having established reputations for perceptive market intelligence, trusted industry relationships and personalized customer service. Our combined record of over 1,600 new and pre-owned business jet transactions completed around the globe supports JetTransactions’ prominent position in today’s evolving aviation marketplace.” For more information go to

About the International Aircraft Dealer Association

IADA is a professional trade association formed more than 30 years ago, promoting the growth and public understanding of the aircraft resale industry. IADA now offers the world’s only accreditation program for dealer organizations and the only certification program for individual brokers. The process delivers lofty standards of ethical business practices and transparency regarding aircraft transactions, leading to a more efficient and reliable marketplace. For more info go to

IADA’s dealer organizations and individual brokers do business in more than 100 countries, and they comprise the top seven percent of the world’s aircraft dealers. IADA members participate in a program of ongoing education to remain current on best practices and new developments in acquiring and selling business aircraft, as well as abiding by a strict code of ethics, integrity and transparency. IADA represents a variety of IADA-Verified product and aviation services that also operate with the highest professional standards in the industry.


A popular product of IADA is AircraftExchange, the only site where every aircraft listed for sale is represented by an accredited dealer. To earn accreditation, IADA dealers must meet our accreditation standards, receive sponsorship from current IADA-Accredited Aircraft Dealers and undergo a formal review process. IADA-Accredited Aircraft Dealers agree to adhere to a strict code of ethics that ensures fully transparent transactions between IADA dealers and aircraft buyers.

The AircraftExchange search portal enables organizations to create a confidential dashboard of business jets for sale, filtered based on their features and amenities, aircraft class, age, and price. Users can browse through data-rich listings for some of the most popular aircraft manufacturers, including Embraer, Cessna, Bombardier, and Gulfstream jets. For more info about AircraftExchange, go to

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Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc. Releases The Challenge of Flight Video Series

The series features Top Gun pilots flying real combat missions

ELGIN, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 / — Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc., in conjunction with Keeney & Company, today announced the release of the internationally popular aviation military video series, The Challenge of Flight, to major streaming channels. Originally aired on The Military Channel, The Challenge of Flight was created by pilots for pilots, military aviation enthusiasts and those interested in the history of flight.

The incredible Challenge of Flight video collection explores the many challenges faced by pilots in the air, including explosive mishaps and miraculous tales of survival. The series gives viewers an up-close and unedited look at some truly awe-inspiring moments in military aviation history as told by the pilots who experienced it all.

Producer Doug Keeney, a fighter pilot himself and author, said, “The series is a heroic piece of story-telling, a story of great personal triumph. Aviation history is marked not by nuts and bolts but by moments that gave and took lives away. It is the story of flight seen through the eyes of the military pilots who lived through it.”

The Challenge of Flight takes audiences into the cockpit to experience once-in-a-lifetime landings, life or death struggles for control off the carrier deck, horrifying ramp strikes, locked controls, burning tires, flat spins, near misses, close calls and mishaps.

Distributor Tom Edinger said, “These are the stories that pilots have talked about for years among themselves and are now revealed to us in an up-close and personal style.”

Incredible stories of survival and courage emerge from the world of military aviation every day. For those who dedicate their lives to protecting our freedom, the risks are high, but the rewards are great. From bone-jarring crashes to fiery landings, these brave men and women face challenges that would cause most of us to tremble in our boots. But they don’t give up easily, and their tenacity and skills are inspiring. The next time you see a jet fighter plane or another type of military aircraft take off or land, take a moment to think about the dedicated pilots and crew who make it all possible. They are true heroes.

The 19-episode, highly acclaimed series is available to buy, rent, or stream on Amazon Prime Video. For more information, visit,, and watch the trailer on YouTube. For more information about Marshall Publishing & Promotion Inc. visit

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National College Resources Foundation Presents the 3rd Annual Virtual Career Expo

Students and Adults gain access to Jobs, Careers, and Internship opportunities
These students who are now in college or postgraduates are what companies are looking for to help them increase brand awareness and create new consumers in the communitie…

AIM Higher, Inc. Announces The David Wade Hogue Poetry Scholarship

David Wade Hogue at The Kennedy Space Center Endeavor Launch, 2011

David Wade Hogue at The Kennedy Space Center Endeavor Launch, 2011

Comet Neowise, captured by David Wade Hogue, 2020

Comet Neowise, captured by David Wade Hogue, 2020

Moon in daylight, taken with Celestron AVX telescope, by David Wade Hogue

Moon in daylight, taken with Celestron AVX telescope, by David Wade Hogue

Two poetry awards benefit struggling mothers

As a kid, Dave loved space exploration—we grew up in the heady days of Gemini and Apollo—and he never lost that fascination.”

— Kim Noriega

WEST HURLEY, NY, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2022 / — Two new scholarships—The Martha Award and the Rocket Man Award—will be given this year in honor of David Wade Hogue to a poet who is a struggling mom. Mr. Hogue passed away after a long battle with cancer in October 2021. Thanks to generous gifts from AIM Higher’s Board President Kim Noriega and Advisory Board Member Bobbi Esmark, the awards come when Covid 19 has taken a disproportionately high toll on mothers, particularly single ones.

Ms. Noriega says, “David Wade Hogue (Dave) and I grew up together in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and were friends for over 50 years. Even when our life paths diverged, we’d reconnect as if we’d never missed a beat. As a kid, Dave loved space exploration—we grew up in the heady days of Gemini and Apollo—and he never lost that fascination.”

The Rocket Man Award includes participation in one of Ms. Noriega’s Poetry Barn workshops, a one-week Poetry Barn residency, and a $500 cash stipend for artist support. The Martha Award—a special nod to Dave’s mom, Martha Hogue, who was a poetry lover—consists of a four-month mentorship with Ms. Noriega and a $500 cash endowment.

Ms. Noriega adds that “One of Dave and my ‘divergent paths’ was a particularly dark time in my life when I was in a violent relationship as a young mom, one that Dave came to understand through poems I later wrote about that period of my life. He always expressed regret that he wasn’t close at hand to support me during those tough times. And so, I thought he would love supporting other moms now.”

To apply for the award, please visit

About AIM Higher, Inc.

AIM Higher’s mission is to help women artists thrive by providing the tools, opportunities, and community needed to live self-sustaining creative lives and share their vision and art with the world. Learn more at

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Joan E. Murray’s “Called and Chosen for Destiny” Takes You On An In-depth Journey of Self-Discovery

Called And Chosen For Destiny: Knowing and Fulfilling Your Destiny in God

You Can TRUST Him

Called and Chosen For Destiny: Knowing and Fulfilling Your Destiny In God

There is not another person like YOU on the planet. No one has your voice print, fingerprint or your footprint. You are a masterpiece created in Christ Jesus for good works. Celebrate YOUR uniqueness.”

— Joan E. Murray

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2022 / — Called and Chosen for Destiny is a dynamic book written for anyone who has a desperate need to be free from discouragement, disappointment and despair. This thought-provoking book takes readers on a journey of discovery in order to find that they have been called, destined and appointed to accomplish greatness in life through God.

Featured in WOW! Women of the Word Magazine, Joan E. Murray‘s book is so compelling it has been used as a Bible study tool locally and internationally, and its messages have been embraced. Joan uses the Word to uncover secrets that will lead readers to the richness of the life they were intended to enjoy – catapulting them out of mediocrity and into great exploits, all the while challenging them to look at where they are in life and showing how to chart a new course to fulfilling the destiny that God intended for them.

Joan E. Murray knew from an early age she was destined for great things. Over the past thirty years she has been passionately teaching the life-changing Word of God in churches, Bible study groups, conferences, seminars and workshops. Her profound faith and her knowledge of the Bible have equipped her to teach, train, counsel and pray for those in need. Her love of God, her compassionate heart, and her desire to see people healed and set free by His power, are her driving force. Joan considers Called and Chosen for Destiny as just another step in the right direction of her calling to teach God’s plan and purpose to everyone.

Joan E. Murray is the founder and CEO of Joan Murray Ministries and Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions. She is an author, international Bible teacher, speaker and missionary who loves the Word of God and desires to see people experience freedom, wholeness and victory in all areas of life. She has 25 years of experience in management, counseling and in providing help and humanitarian aide to those who are struggling in life.

She serves the veterans in Houston, provides annual back-to-school outreaches and serves as an advisor to several churches and ministries, locally, nationally and internationally. Joan has travelled the world, sharing the gospel message and serving the needs of vulnerable populations.

Joan has been featured on TBN, Daystar, TCT Network, Christian Television Network (CTN), ABC 6/KAAL TV and Destiny TV. Her show, “The Word With Joan Murray Ministries,” can be seen on The Now Television Network. Joan has also been featured in various magazines, i.e..Global Woman Magazine, Beverly Hills Magazine and various newspaper articles. She has aired on a number of radio stations, such as KSBJ, The Word, BPN Radio, Moody Radio, Fisk University, WFSK-FM, The Tom Sumner Program, Wilkins Radio…..etc. and can be heard daily on, Channel 8.

For more information, please visit, or follow the author on Facebook (Joan Murray or Joan Murray Ministries/Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions); on Instagram (jmmcontactus); and on Twitter (@jmmseedsofhope). You can also visit her YouTube channel, Joan Murray Ministries.

Called and Chosen for Destiny: Knowing And Fulfilling Your Destiny In God

I Must Pray: A Guide To A Powerful Prayer Life
Publisher: Xulon Press/Salem Media Group
ISBN-10: 9781545609477
ISBN-13: 978-1545609477

Available on,,,,,, Xulon Press, Apple Books and other retailers.

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