What is the Future of Perfumery? First International Meeting of Perfume Professions in Paris on Friday July 1, 2022

What is the Future of Perfumery?

What is the Future of Perfumery?

Tous au Parfum, First International Meeting of Perfume Professions

Tous Au Parfum – Paris, July 1 – 2022

New Luxury Code

The New Luxury Code

During Paris Packaging Week, exhibit your products, participate to conferences and debates during the day, network and enjoy a great evening in Paris.

PARIS, FRANCE, May 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — During this First International Meeting of Perfume Professions, Perfumers, Designers, Brands, Distributors, Producers of Raw Materials, Manufacturers of Packaging, Retailers, Teachers, Publicists come together to discuss and define the orientations of the perfume and perfume products professions, in response to the challenges of the changed world.

Tous au Parfum! In Ancient Greece, ‘Aller au Parfum’ meant getting together (like when in France we say ‘Going to the Café’). There they discussed everything. Today, in everyday French language “Tous au Parfum” means “being in the know”.
Including the sharing of ideas, a forum for discussions, face-to-face meetings, debates of opposing positions, open dialogue, fair information, collaboration, the freedom of creativity is born, innovation and therefore development.

Under the chairmanship of perfumer Serge Lutens and an important International Honorary Committee, tributes will be paid to eminent contemporary figures in perfumery, including Jean Kerléo, perfumer of Jean Patou and Founder of the Osmothèque, and Pierre Dinand, creator of countless perfume bottles.

On the program: conferences, workshops, the New Luxury Awards ceremony and a Gala Dinner, in support of Murano glassmakers.

Organized by the International Perfume Foundation and Marquise Invest, this 3rd edition of the New Luxury Awards will reward perfumers and brands for their efforts in protecting the environment and respecting the New Luxury Code.

The international partners of the event are: Beauty Cluster Barcelona (https://beautyclusterbarcelona.com), Paris Packaging Week (http://www.parispackagingweek) and Autur City (http://www.auturcity.com)

This event will take place at Place St Germain des Prés in the superb Hotel de l’Industrie, the ideal place to host this first international meeting of Perfumery professions and discover the future of the perfume industry, sustainable packaging, new extraction processes, know-how and to smell the most beautiful fragrances.

Info, Program: www.tousauparfum.com
List of Speakers: http://www.tousauparfum.com/speakers
Registrations: www.tousauparfum.com/registration.html

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Navigating & Trusting Vegan Supplements

So long as the supplements industry remains largely unregulated, it is critical for the consumer to look for official and credible third-party certifications.

NSF has a Vegan certification offering that confirms Vegan label integrity status at the factory level and can be coupled with and bundled with other NSF supplement and sport certifications.”

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FLORIDA, MIAMI, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In 2021 the dietary supplement industry had a net worth of a whooping USD 151.9 billion, built by thousands of different brands, many of them labeled plant based, organic, Vegan, NSF Sport, kosher, and more. But with an industry so big, to what extent can you actually trust the brands? This is the value of third-party audits and certifications.

Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA as food, despite the fact many supplements present with strong biological effects. This is also important for Vegan label claimed vitamins, because the FDA does not regulate the word Vegan, which means inconsistent use of the word is unreliable for the consumer. BeVeg Vegan certification has a global Vegan standard and is partnered with third-party technical administrators leading the supplements world, like NSF.

What does NSF Certification mean? NSF certification is the gold standard for supplement certification for safety, purity, and accurate dosing. Now, NSF has a Vegan certification offering that confirms Vegan label integrity status at the factory level and can be coupled with and bundled with other NSF supplement and sport certifications. So long as the supplements industry remains largely unregulated, it is critical for the super consumer interested in ingredients and processes, and for consumer health and safety to look for and demand these third-party audits on their consumable products.

BeVeg is an ISO accredited Vegan certification standard, and as such, sets high standards to protect the consumer. Plant based vitamins are as the name suggests, usually is derived from plants. Notably, when plants are growing, heavy metals like copper and zinc in the earth are absorbed, which in itself is a natural process. However, some can be dangerous when consumed in larger amounts. The problem with supplements is that there can sometimes be contamination of plants with high concentrations of these heavy metals, causing toxicity in the body – and there’s very little industry regulation. It is up to the manufacturer how they want to test for contaminants and active components, some being more thorough than others. In fact, only in California, are products required by law to even include warning labels about such potential contaminants.

This is the added value of NSF certification bundled with the official and globally recognized BeVeg Vegan trademark. Super consumers care about their health, environment, and ingredient and process certifications. As the supplement industry grows at an astronomical rate, the consumer can rest assured and rely on brands that do third-party testing, as approved by NSF and BEVEG for accurate label claims that go above and beyond existing regulations for a sector that is mostly unregulated.

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