What is the “Recession-Proof Immigrant Entrepreneur Formula”?

Now 26, Haris Reis Came to the U.S. at Age 7 from War-Torn Bosnia

Now 26, Haris Reis Came to the U.S. at Age 7 from War-Torn Bosnia

Haris Reis and Gary Vaynerchuk

Haris Reis and Gary Vaynerchuk

Haris Reis with Peter Voogd

Haris Reis with Peter Voogd

Immigrants have an unfair advantage when it comes to business.

Immigrant-owned businesses employed almost 8 million American workers and generated $1.3 trillion in total sales.”

— New American Economy (NAE), 2019

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, USA, December 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Young serial entrepreneur Haris Reis lives in the United States, but he wasn’t born there. He and his family came to the U.S. when he was just 7 years old, escaping from war-torn Bosnia.

“Being an immigrant can be daunting. Not knowing anybody. Not speaking the language and coming from much less. It can be a never-ending uphill battle as an entrepreneur,” says Reis who, now 26, started BIH Media Inc. in hopes of inspiring people from his home country and showing them what’s really possible.

What may shock most, however, is that despite the obstacles that immigrant entrepreneurs face, Reis believes they have an unfair advantage: their undeniable work ethic. Using that work ethic to build a recession-proof income through a business isn’t easy, but it’s never been more attainable because of the advances in technology. In fact, the Kauffman Foundation concluded that “in 2016 nearly 30 percent of new American companies were started by first-generation immigrants, up from 13 percent in 1996.”

After working directly with Gary Vaynerchuk at Vayner Media, Reis saw first-hand the power of leveraging social media, podcasts, videos, books, and blogs can do for a brand and business.

As Reis now describes it, the Recession-Proof Immigrant Entrepreneur Formula consists of three core steps.

1. Your circle matters. Get around a group of people playing the game at a higher level. This can be hard as most immigrants don’t start off with thousands they can invest in to high-level masterminds, but it is the fastest way to making powerful alliances and next-level income.

2. Build a team. This can be double enriching if the immigrant can employ people from his or her home country. For example, in Bosnia, the average monthly income is $475 USD, so Reis can pay his team members very well without breaking the bank for his business. They love helping someone from their country who is living abroad. It’s a win-win.

3. Diversify. The last thing the immigrant entrepreneur needs to do to recession-proof their business is to make sure they are in multiple industries. That way, they earn money no matter what is happening in the economy.

These steps to building a recession-proof business take time — and investment — but they allow an immigrant to leverage their unfair advantage to attain the very prosperity for which they immigrated.

Haris is a 2x National Award-Winning entrepreneur, 2x National Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Digital Marketer.

After working as a growth hacker at VaynerMedia building Gary Vaynerchuk’s personal brand, he co-founded Changing Lanes International, which helped authors, speakers, and coaches to build their brands online. He took that company to 6-figures in just 10 months.

More recently, he helped build SyncSumo, a SaaS company with customers in 36+ countries, and runs a consultancy that has generated millions of dollars for clients, a Facebook ad agency, VaynerSports MMA, Best Selling Book World, The Gamechangers Academy, and a handful of personal clients.

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