We have all experienced it; that stone wall we hit where nothing seems to go right. You want the words to come, but they don’t. You have the time, you are at your special writing place, and the mood is set, but the screen or page remains blank, and your fingers will not cooperate — you have writer’s block.
I know what you are going through. The dread of, “have I written my last piece?” or “maybe it all was a fluke, I am not a writer?” All these thoughts flood your mind, but in reality, they are all nonsense. You are a writer. And you are experiencing the same thing we all go through. Here are some ideas some of the best writers do to jump over the blocked writer’s hurdle.

1. Freewrite — This is for those who feel guilty about not writing. Those who feel that walking away from time committed to writing would be a sin. Pick a topic and write about it: your last vacation (or dream vacation,) list all the names of people or cities you know, or write about yesterday beginning to end. Anything that gets your mind out of the gutter and instigates thought flow.

Five Ways of Overcome Writers Block
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