Taskoma: A New, Conventional All-purpose Productivity System, to Launch on Kickstarter

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A simple but powerful classic productivity tool that gets tasks prioritized, get rid of digital distractions, and get more done without thinking anything else.

We are certainly sure Taskoma is going to dramatically boost productivity for many users! You can adopt Taskoma as an ally to any digital tool or as a standalone tool!”
— John Francis
HUMBLE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Taskoma Productivity System is a simple and powerful classic productivity tool designed to prioritize daily tasks, get rid of digital distractions, stay focused and get more done. A perfect conventional tool built to boost productivity efficiently.
Taskoma is poised to be launched on a Kickstarter campaign very soon, and up to 100 limited free kits will be given away to early bird backers on launch day.
As the world keeps pushing further in tech advancement, perhaps it's good, but with a price. The most common distractions these days are social media, personal phone calls, text messages, and cell phones. According to the 2018 Udemy Workplace Distraction Report, 78% find using tech for personal activities more distracting.

Taskoma was created to keep users focused and never think about anything other than prioritized tasks. It’s designed for all scenarios such as work, study, reading and many more with features that make life easier when creating and managing tasks.
Getting started with Taskoma is as simple as picking a card for some tasks. Taskoma pro wooden kit comes with two card/clipboard dockers, a clipboard with a stainless steel knob clip, pen holder, unused cardholder and used cardholder.

Taskoma lite kit only comes with two Card/Clipboard dockers and a clipboard with a stainless steel knob clip. Moreover, it’s extremely minimalist, lightweight, and easy to carry along. Optional wooden box and quality leather case could even make lite kit more practical.
Taskoma card is printed on both front and reverse side. The front is specifically designed for tasks, while the reverse side gives room for notes and sketches. The card specification is adequate in size to contain six tasks and six sub-tasks.

Other features highlighted in Taskoma task pad are; date field, week field that prioritizes day of the week, priority fields such as Today, Tomorrow, Batching and Time. Of course, it won’t be complete without task signals. Taskoma task signals include In progress, On hold, Done and Canceled which enables quick marking of prioritized tasks according to their current state.

Taskoma is finally coming to the public after years of successful use in multiple ramifications, which, in turn, created a perfect productivity habit for users, the creator, John Francis said.
“We are certainly sure, Taskoma is going to create a habit and boost productivity for many users!” says the Creator.
To learn more about Taskoma project and staying in the loop for a limited free kit giveaway, please visit www.taskoma.com Launch day notifications will be sent exclusively to subscribers.

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